Cazare Predeal
Cazare Predeal
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"Indeed an ideal location for a teambuilding or training, especially thanks to its emplacement and rustic design. Thank you for a great weekend, for the pleasant environment and for the amiability you have shown in answering our requests."

Alina Ostahi - Western Union Financial Services GmbH

"Very good accommodation conditions, with the whole team concentrated in one place, giving us the possibility to have a real reunion. Many thanks for the shown program flexibility, for meeting all our requests. We had a very good time, had the opportunity to have place to work but, at the same time, to spend some time in a quiet, intimate place, in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. "

Razvan Predica - Foods Planning and Supply Manager - Unilever South Central Europe

"A perfect mountainside retreat for a more relaxed informal team building event, the friendly staff work hard to ensure that all your needs are met … and the food is simply incredible... a gem of a location."

Oliver Perkins –

"Grandma’s House – peaceful and warm, how the ideal place for a course, team building or any HR action should be. We wouldn’t have dared to give a positive feedback, if the companies with whom we carried on training programs at Grandma’s House, did not “taste” the location."

Mihaela Perianu - Managing Partner – AIMS –

"Thank you for two wonderful days, excellent accommodation conditions, in general services we should see at hotels with greater pretensions.
In conclusion, I think you are doing a great job and I wish you success in the future."

Cristian Dolinski – IPSO –

"The organization and accommodations conditions were excellent; we had a weekend in which we fully enjoyed Grandma’s hospitality. We eaten with relish Grandma’s pie, we enjoyed the camp atmosphere in the yard, at the fire and cup of wine and, last but not least, each of us enjoyed a sweet sleep like only at grandma you can have."

Bogdan Prajisteanu - Managing Director – Media Insight –

"Being on the National Road, Grandma’s House is an accessible place. When you cross its threshold, the senses send you in another world. We are in a services business, in which people are the main asset. It’s wonderful to see them smiling at each other Monday, after a weekend spent at Grandma’s House."

Simona Potop - PR Director – ARBOmedia –

Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal Cazare Predeal
Casa Bunicii
Pensiune Predeal
Soseaua Nationala nr. 28
m: ++40722 222 001
t: +40268.456.538
f: +40368.819.726


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